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S & B Pallets manufactures a wide range of soft and hard wood pallets for sale. We are confident that we will meet your needs, and we always keep a strong relationship with our customers, which makes our customers continues their long-term commitment with us.

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Wooden Pallets Toronto

  • Proud member of the Canadian Wood Pallets and Container Association (CWPCA) & National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA)
  • ISPM 15 Certified for Lumber and Wood Packaging Systems
  • Wholesale Manufacturing of Wood Pallets, Crates and Boxes
  • Successfully Completed 3 Decades in the Pallet Industry
  • Full Service Company with Same Day Delivery
  • High-Quality Inventory Tracking System
  • 24/7 Service Support


Wooden Pallets: What Does the Change in Color Means?

Colors make our life bright and beautiful. But they also carry meaning and effects to them. For example, yellow and orange make you feel warm, whereas blues and greens give a cooling effect. But what do colors on pallets mean? Are they just natural occurrence stuff or do they carry some useful meaning behind them? Let’s learn all about these wooden pallets and the color they carry. Decoding the Pallet Colors Before we jump into the main juicy part of the article that you all are waiting for, let’s understand why are the colors important. The colors of wooden pallets change over time...

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Know About the Four Ps of The Pallets

There are hundreds of pallet sizes and types available in the market, especially with the custom pallets option. So, how do you select the pallets for your business? That’s where you need to consider the four Ps of pallet selection. Here’s what you need to know about the four Ps. Product The first factor to consider while selecting a pallet type is the product that needs to be stored or shipped. You can accordingly decide to either go for the new or the recycled wooden pallets Toronto options. Payload Next, consider the weight of the product that needs to be shipped. The pallet...

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Which Pallets to Choose: New or Recycled Pallets

Wooden pallets are common in shipping businesses and warehouses.That’s why while making the decision, people often wonder whether to choose new pallets or recycled ones.So, we are making it easier for you by letting you know the pros and cons of both recycled and new pallets in Toronto. New Wooden Pallets These are the pallets that are built from the scratch using all new raw materials. You can find these in standard sizes as well as custom-made ones. Advantages: These are more durable and stronger.You can find them ready and can be custom-made to fit as per your requirements.It can save you money...

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