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Custom Pallets

Having the right kind of pallets saves you on costs, improves workflow, and ensures greater safety of goods. And for these reasons, we offer a more viable solution in the form of custom pallets. At S & B Pallets Ltd, we create custom wooden pallets to fit any industrial application – Whether big, small, bulky, or fragile, we provide packaging solutions in a variety of sizes, designs, and wood types to match your exact specifications & requirement.

For years, we’ve been producing a wide range of custom pallets, crates, boxes and containers for businesses in and around Toronto. From size & quantity to the type of wood material (be it softwood, hardwood or any alternate material) you require, we design pallets that meet your specific needs.

We strive to be the best at meeting our customers’ expectations. Our design team, technicians and packaging engineers are committed to developing solutions that are both cost-effective and secure.


Why Custom Pallets?

  • Custom pallets enhance the workflow and make the job easier for the warehouse people
  • Custom pallets reduce overall risk, cuts down on transport costs and also improves productivity
  • Custom pallets are the best choice if your products are unique, and you do not like to follow the one-size-fits-all approach
  • Custom wood pallets are capable of carrying heavy weights
  • Custom wood pallets are less expensive and offer greater protection for your goods
  • Custom wood pallets can be easily repaired. As you know, damage happens regularly with pallets whereas wood pallets can be easily patched up and brought to use

Why Choose Us?

At S & B Pallets, we are operating in a larger facility with a higher inventory level to accommodate our customer’s last-minute orders & bulk requirements. We have established relationships with reliable lumber suppliers. With years of experience, we select cost-effective yet top quality materials to fulfill customer orders. Our team of experts work collaboratively with our customers to design, build and ship custom pallets; we continuously focus on improving our ability to produce custom pallets at the lowest possible cost.


Our 3-Step Process

With an expert team, we use our knowledge and skills to ensure that you’re getting superior performance at the best possible price.

Initial Analysis

We ensure every single detail about your requirement is covered. Our design process starts with a complete review and an in-depth understanding of your product, the packaging & handling system, and distribution.

Custom Design

With proven expertise, technical certifications, licenses and manufacturing know-how, our team provides high-performance design to deliver your proposed requirement within the stipulated time.


We have our own manufacturing facilities; whatever your requirement, be it wooden pallet, crate, box or container, we craft them to your custom specifications.


If you’re looking for custom wood pallets, softwood or hardwood pallets, you’re at the right place. Contact us now for a quote!

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