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Are you looking for industrial lumber? At S & B Pallets, we can supply your company with a wide range of lumber products. We offer various sizes and grades of lumber and sheet goods for cost-effective protective packaging that can be custom-created to fit your product needs.
With over 30 years of experience in the wood packaging industry, we’re your quick and affordable partner for your industrial packaging needs. We stock and deliver lumber and wood materials with ISPM-15 certification to all of Toronto area and beyond. Our team of experts has a strong understanding of the types of lumber we provide. We can provide almost any kind of wood you need for your company.
We have an enormous selection of wood for different uses – Be it hardwood or softwood, we design, cut, and build wood packaging products to your exact needs and specifications. Whether you’re looking for protective packaging products or trying to optimize your supply chain, we have the right solution!
At S & B Pallets, we guarantee the best level of service, high-quality wood materials, and competitive pricing – we strive to provide our customers with excellent customer service & satisfaction.


There are two types of lumber, softwood, and hardwood, respectively. When it comes to manufacturing pallets, the wood is divided into three categories – high-density hardwood, low-density hardwood, and softwood. Hardwood is the primary choice in pallet manufacturing because of its strength and durability. Companies that prefer to export heavy products would choose hardwood as their pallet manufacturing material because of its high density that reduces damage caused to goods. However, if you’re looking for an economical option, softwood is the best.


1) Hardwood or Softwood – Hardwood has higher density and is more expensive than the other types of lumber. Softwood, however, is less costly and readily available. So, you need to choose between the two depending on your exact needs and budget requirement.

2) Lumber Size – Lumber varies in its dimensions before and after processing. So, having an idea of the exact measurement you need will reduce any wastage.

3) Lumber Grade – Lumber is classified into different grades based on their quality and usage. High-density lumber is of first-grade and is used for more significant projects as they carry more weight.

4) Moisture-Content – The wood that has just been cut will have high moisture content and may not work well for some requirements. So go for the lumber type that is stacked and dried, and are checked for moisture ratings.
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