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Pallets Design System

At S & B Pallets, we use the best Pallet Design System (PDS). It is a computer-aided engineering design tool used to produce a three-dimensional design of the customized pallets. It allows the customer to choose the pallet type, size, and style. Additionally, PDS provides for the assessment of the durability and strength of the designed pallet. It also makes sure the pallet is not overbuilt using more than the required amount of lumber.
Our pallet design system helps our customers in significantly reducing the costs & product damage, and increasing safety throughout the load handling system. Our trained staff can work with you to explain how this system works to fulfill your needs.


The pallet design system (PDS) works more as a product specification and design tool. Customers are allowed to provide data about the complete specification of the pallet – from pallet type, size, and style to the wood material used, dimensions of nails & staples, and whatever required for the design. The system then creates full-dimensioned drawings with all four views providing complete details on the unit load.
The PDS also analyzes the structure, durability, and physical properties of the pallet. The system asks for a series of questions such as the loads to be placed on the pallet, load distribution factors, etc., thus enabling them to determine pallet performance under the specified conditions accurately. Customers can also make performance comparison between different pallet dimensions, designs, nails and staples used, and wood grades.


We know each customer’s needs are different – their weight requirement may vary, and so is the type of material used, fasteners, size and style, and other dimensions. So, we want our customers to have the best. Our Pallet Design System (PDS) does a thorough analysis by drawing your pallet specifications and predicts how your designed pallets will perform in various situations. PDS can help you in many ways – when you increase the pallet quality, you’re more likely to lower the packaging costs.
Safety is another reason why we use this system for designing pallets. By considering pallet strength, durability, and other related factors, PDS can eliminate product damage, thus having a greater concern over the health and safety of the workers.


✓ PDS develops the optimum pallet design based on the varying demands of the customers
✓ PDS leads you through the complete specification – pallet type, size, and style, materials used and a lot more
✓ PDS requires information on wood species, fasteners, etc. and provides a structural and durability analysis for determining pallet performance
✓ PDS does performance comparisons by analyzing pallet design, wood materials, grades, fasteners and the specified dimensions
✓ PDS makes performance comparisons by analyzing pallet design, wood materials, grades, fasteners, and the specified dimensions
✓ PDS is capable of providing the best pallet design by eliminating the chances of product damage and load failure problems

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