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New Pallets

If your company or industrial application requires using all-new lumber, new pallets are what you need. Buying new pallets has a lot of advantages. From quality and strength to consistency, new pallets are the best option for your company if you do not have cost as an issue.
There’s a lot you need to know about new pallets. Here we explain!
Firstly, you can be assured that the wood used in new pallets are never used before. Though softwood is commonly used for building new pallets, you can also use hardwood or any higher grade wood instead.
New pallets are always fresh and clean-looking; they can make your transported goods look even better and presentable.
Furthermore, when you buy new pallets, you can customize them to fit any configuration according to your specified requirement.

Why Buy New Pallets?

✔ New pallets are made from the same wood materialand have the same board and stringer thickness thus giving you consistent quality
✔ New pallets are readily available because they are made from fresh lumber that is easy to stock
✔ New pallets can be custom-built to any size and specifications; they are the best choice if you need longer board lengths
✔ New pallets are always clean and contaminate-free; unlike recycled pallets, they are free from chemicals, residue, mold and other contaminants
Toronto New Pallets are durable and can serve you for a more extended period. Therefore, it’s always good to use new pallets if you’re dealing with heavy products.
✔ New pallets will have the strength to support your loads; they haven’t endured a lot of wear and tear, and so you won’t be repairing them often
Why Choose Us?


At S & B Pallets Ltd, we design and manufacture new pallets to the product standards of the Canadian Wood Pallets and Container Association (CWPCA) and the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA). We assure quality, and we continuously look for ways to increase our customer loyalty and satisfaction levels.
We offer new pallets in virtually all sizes and specifications, lumber types and designs; Our prominent designs include block and stringer, 2-way and 4-way, and inset. We use hardwood, softwood, and a wide range of alternative wood materials for manufacturing pallets. We also can produce new pallets in large volumes. Our team of experts works with you to analyse your exact requirement and provide you with timely delivery.
Our high-quality pallet design takes into consideration some critical factors such as cost-effectiveness, load-carrying capacity, reduction of damage, and improved safety. Being a reliable one-source provider of all kinds of pallets, we proudly serve the areas in and around Toronto, CA.
Considering using new pallets? Want to know which type of lumber best fits you? We can help. Talk to our experts now!

If you’re looking for new wood pallets for sale, softwood or hardwood pallets, you’re at the right place. Contact us now for a quote!

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