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Blog / Which Pallets to Choose: New or Recycled Pallets

Wooden pallets are common in shipping businesses and warehouses.That’s why while making the decision, people often wonder whether to choose new pallets or recycled ones.So, we are making it easier for you by letting you know the pros and cons of both recycled and new pallets in Toronto.

New Wooden Pallets

These are the pallets that are built from the scratch using all new raw materials. You can find these in standard sizes as well as custom-made ones.


  • These are more durable and stronger.
  • You can find them ready and can be custom-made to fit as per your requirements.
  • It can save you money in the long run by staying longer.


  • The new pallets are costlier as it is made from brand new raw materials and from the scratch.

Recycled Wooden Pallets

These are used pallets that are repaired and brought to use or else made from reused raw materials.


  • They are significantly less costly than new pallets in Toronto.
  • They are generally already built and so can be availed faster.
  • Helps the environment as you reuse the resources.


  • The durability or longevity of these pallets is very less and can cause re-orders over some time.

What is it that matters the most to you? You can make your choice simply by answering this question. Want to know more about recycled and new pallets? Contact us today and get an appointment.

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