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Blog / Know About the Four Ps of The Pallets

There are hundreds of pallet sizes and types available in the market, especially with the custom pallets option. So, how do you select the pallets for your business? That’s where you need to consider the four Ps of pallet selection. Here’s what you need to know about the four Ps.

  • Product

The first factor to consider while selecting a pallet type is the product that needs to be stored or shipped. You can accordingly decide to either go for the new or the recycled wooden pallets Toronto options.

  • Payload

Next, consider the weight of the product that needs to be shipped. The pallet you choose needs to be able to support the weight, and that’s how you will select the block style of the wooden pallets. But, do not forget to look at the budget also once before deciding.

  • Performance

How durable you want the pallet to be? You need to consider if you are buying the pallet just for a single-use or multiple uses to endure the extreme handling and shipping conditions. This factor will furthermore help you with deciding the type of needs you need.

  • Purpose

How do you handle the pallets in your company? Consider the role and purpose of the pallets in the relation to the material handling equipment like pallet jacks, forklift, etc. This will help you understand the proper size and specifications of the pallets. You may also need to go for custom recycled pallets instead of the standard ones.

Need to check the types and options of wooden pallets for your business? Contact us today to know more about the details of each type.

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