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Specialized Packaging

Have specialized shipments? Do you require custom packaging solutions to transport your sensitive goods successfully? At S & B Pallets, we customize and offer specialized packaging based on your goods’ size and weight. Our in-house design team will work with you to create your specialized packaging to ship your products worry-free.
Using our 30 years of knowledge and experience in the packaging industry, we create unique, specialized packaging solutions to ship almost all kinds of product goods effectively. Whatever your industrial packing requisites be, we offer a wide range of specialized packaging boxes to suit your requirement. Our product range includes – plywood boxes, heavy wooden boxes, wooden pallets, export pallets, crates, etc.
We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit that facilitates producing quality products in bulk quantities within the stipulated time frame. Our products are manufactured using premium quality wood and are export compliant to meet the ISPM-15 standards. We have our own transport system (S & B Transport) to ensure quick and reliable delivery of products to our customers.


The type of packaging material you choose is one important factor that is making your product a success. Using specialized packaging, you not only attract consumers but also use a safe mode of transportation that keeps your goods fresh. Remember that choosing the right packaging for your product can make a significant impact on your brand, no matter whether you’re a small business or a large company.


Budget – Determine the scope of your budget before choosing specialized packaging for your products. Have a clear idea of what kind of packaging materials to use, design and measurements, and other requirements. Wood packaging solutions are readily available at a lower cost, which means significant long-term savings.
Durability – Keep in mind that the packaging you choose should be strong enough and serve long periods of time. It should also provide added protection for sensitive goods.
Stackable – Make sure the custom packaging you choose provides optimal space utilization. A perfectly suitable packaging means your products can be well packed, and there is only minimal wastage of materials.


✔ Offers a Perfect Packaging Solution
✔ Excellent For Heavy & Sensitive Goods
✔ Better Product Protection
✔ Budget-Friendly Option When It Comes To Bulk Packaging
✔ Best For Product Identification & Branding
✔ Better Customer Experience
✔ Increased Brand Value
✔ Increased Visibility
✔ They Last Long
✔ Saves Space & Delivery Costs

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