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Custom crates

If you’re looking for a wood packaging option that can also be used for best displaying your product line, custom crates are a great choice! At S & B Pallets Ltd, we specialize in manufacturing unique crates for your packaging needs.

We customize the crates using our special designing software to suit your requirement. Our team of experts works closely with you to create the custom look that you need. Whatever your ideas are, we have the tools and talent to build it for you. We use the right wood material and the right design to provide your products with added protection. Our designing team and production team work together to deliver your custom crates on time. No minimum order is required for custom crates.


Advantages of Custom Crates

✔ Custom crates are stable; they survive all environmental conditions and provide complete protection of your products
✔ Custom crates can endure a lot of pressure; you can also create several rows as per your product requirement to help with ease of stacking and handling
✔ Unlike its alternates that might rely on additives, custom crates require only minimal resources
✔ Custom crates are easy to make; whether a standard design or customer based unique design, you can create the one of your exact demand
✔ Custom crates require less investment; they mostly need simple design and making procedures to help with huge savings
✔ Custom crates are the best choice if you’re transporting expensive goods, art products or furniture; you can be assured that no damage happens


Why Should You Consider Custom Wooden Crates?

Affordable – Custom wooden crates are more affordable compared to its other alternatives. Redesign of the crates is also simple and easy, and saves on your costs.
Easy to Customize & Reusable – Wooden crates are entirely customizable; they can be designed in varying sizes and with many closure options. Even after several uses, wood crates can be redesigned for reuse.
Enhanced Protection – On using wood crates, you can be assured of less product damage. They survive all kinds of weather conditions, including rain, humidity and heat. Wooden crates also protect your products from dirt and debris, thus giving enough protection.
Improved Efficiency – Custom wooden crates provide increased space utilization, and are also great for stacking.
Extremely Durable – Custom wooden crates are strong and durable enough to withstand heavy weight requirements. The product weight gets distributed evenly in crates, thereby preventing damage to the stored goods.
Environment-Friendly – Wood crates are sustainable; they can be recycled and reused to help the environment by limiting the amount of waste disposed of.

If you’re looking for a better and cheaper shipping process, custom crates are your best option.

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