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Heated treated pallets

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Heated treated pallets

Do you require wood packaging material for international shipments? Are you exporting to the USA? Our heat-treated pallets are the best option. At S & B Pallets Ltd, we provide pallets that are export compliant with ISPM #15 certification and meet the strict US import standards. We are certified to make and sell heat-treated pallets that can be used to export your goods to the international market.
S & B Pallets Ltd is committed to ensuring the supply of high quality & safe heat-treated pallets for our customers. We do have the ability to manufacture heat-treated pallets in large numbers based on the varying requirement.


What is Heat Treatment?

It’s a process in which the wooden pallets are heated to a temperature of 140 degrees for a specific time. This is done to destroy insects and larvae, reduce the moisture content, and make the pallets suitable for international handling of goods. Heat treatment is the only available safe option for sterilizing wooden crates and pallets.
The heat treatment process needs to be done in compliance with ISPM #15 (International Standard for Phytosanitary Measure). The European Union and many countries adopt ISPM15 across the globe. The process requires three stages – debarking the wood, heat-treating it in an enclosed space, and then stamping the wood with a distinctive mark of compliance to international standards.


Why Should You Use Heat Treated Pallets?

Safe & Effective – Heat-treated pallets are more resistant to moisture, fungi, and other microorganisms; they do not impose any health risks to the loading/unloading work persons nor have any legal implications.
Reduced Weight – Heat treatment takes out the moisture from the wood, causing a dramatic loss in the overall weight of the pallets. Therefore, you save on transportation costs and fuel usage.
Highly Economical – The cost of buying heat-treated wooden pallets is less expensive than that of its alternates such as plastic or metal. Also, they are capable of carrying larger loads.
Can be Recycled – Heat-treated wood pallets can be recycled and reused for multiple times. This helps recover some of its initial costs while also giving you an environment-friendly option.
Easily Repairable – Heat-treated wood pallets can be easily repaired; regular repairs and replacement of broken parts can extend its life too.
Export-Compliant – Heat treated pallets have minimized risk of infestation and are compliant to meet the international export standards.

At S & B Pallets Ltd, we supply a wide range of heat-treated wood packaging products with ISPM15 certification that can be used to export your goods to the USA or the international market. Contact us now for a quick quote!

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