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Wooden tops and wood-frames

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Wooden tops and wood-frames

At S & B Pallets, we also specialize in making wooden tops and wooden-frames. Tops and frames find their usage on the top layer of the bulk stack of goods stored in tiers; they secure the load to the pallet to form a fixed framework. We produce high-quality wood tops and frames that are ideal for unitized loads of bulk container shipments. These tops – frames are joined with pallets to securely stabilize the load, and provide exceptional support for all types of product loads.

We can custom manufacture wooden tops and frames of any shape and size to match your exact specifications. Our products ensure reliability and are designed in such a way to provide full protection to your goods during transit. All of our products meet and exceed industry standards; our wooden top-frames are ISPM-15 export compliant and are safe to be handled for international shipping.

S & B Pallets has all the supplies if you want to customize your wooden packaging products. We offer a wide range of designs that also gives you exceptional strength. All you need to provide are the exact measurements and the design; the essential features such as the weight of the load, items to be handled, and the dimensions should be considered. We have an expert team of professionals who can customize the tops and frames based on your requirement. We also can guide you in finding the right sized wooden tops and frames you want for your production needs.



Customization – Wooden tops and frames are easily customizable and flexible enough to meet your varying needs. Various wood choices can be used in the construction of wood packaging products.

Cost-Saving – The production costs of wooden tops and frames are relatively small compared to the other packaging materials. So you save more with bulk packaging.

100% Natural – Wood is a non-toxic material, so the tops and frames made of wood are safe to handle and touch.
Sustainability – Packaging products made of wood are sustainable, as wood is a truly renewable building material. Wooden tops and frames can also be recycled after multiple uses.
Provides Great Insulation – Wood has better insulating properties; the limited ability to conduct heat helps with safe and efficient transportation of goods.
Moisture- resistant – Wooden tops and frames are resistant to moisture, and so protects your valuable goods from local climatic conditions.
Durability – Wood is a highly durable material; wooden packaging products last for years when properly maintained.
Easy to Maintain – Wooden tops and frames are easy and cheap to maintain compared to other materials used for packaging.
Perfect for Heavy Products Packaging – Using wooden packaging for heavy products ensure proper weight distribution and acts as an ideal packaging solution.
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