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Blog / Wooden Pallets vs Plastic Pallets: Which Should You Choose?

If you are into the transport business or any that requires transport of the goods and products, you might be well aware of the uses of good-quality pallets. So, today, we will see which type of new pallets you should choose depending on the applications.

  • Industry & Products

First, consider the industry as some prefer wooden pallets while some go for the plastic pallets only. Next, check your products’ demand while transportation. If it demands sterilization, then plastic could be your option. However, if your products are heavy, then it is better to go with wooden new pallets in Toronto.

  • Are You Planning to Export?

If your answer is yes, then wooden pallets are the ones for you. When you choose wooden new pallets for sale, you can get them cheaper that can save some of your expenses. Moreover, wood pallets are more likely to meet export rules.

  • Custom Sizes

If you are looking for custom dimensions while ordering the pallets, then choosing wood pallets is a wise option. Manufacturers prefer wood over plastic for custom pallets making them cost-effective options with different features.

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